She had us all in her arms

Her big laugh rolling

With the sound of our success and triumphs

Her feet bore with our defeats

Her heart played Krish’s flute

While her legacy danced along

As her flame flickered out

The ground beneath our feet disappeared

But if you close your eyes

You can feel those pillowed arms bracing the bumps

You can hear her song

In your tears

Your laugh

And beneath your flying feet

She remains


Suit & Tie


Suit&Tie revisedCut from the same cloth

Lack luster

Stiff as cardboard

Walking the same walk

Talking the same talk

Making a synchronized dance

Just mere robots murmuring

All the color disappeared from their skin

Bank is rolling

So laughter is unnecessary

Your smile’s whereabouts unknown

In its place is a constant firm resting face

As all the feeling is no longer

But you got the keys swinging from those fingers

So who cares?

To think you spent all that time laughing at the colorful

We still got that color

And just one key

But the one that matters the most

Swimming Mystery

Untitled 2

That bottle can’t be broken

The cap can’t be lifted

It holds however something very vital

It has the answer to the biggest mystery

But the more you try to crack it

The more strength it obtains

The bottle is carried away in the ocean

Swimming with the waves

One second it nears you

The next completely out of sight

But the image is imprinted in your brain

And you feel yourself growing taller

Even your limbs stretching

Soon it will be your time

And only then will you be able to grab hold of this bottle

Then you will see it crumble before your very eyes

All on its own

And the the mystery will be solved

It will and it must



Starry Eyed


Wide eyes

Bushy hair

Tightening that first tie

With the same determination as every step from then on

Much tumbling after

Then came squinty eyes

Little hair

Belt tightening over a round belly

Filled with ups and downs

Feet still pounding

Yet heavier and heavier

I don’t want that

I can’t have that

I like the bellies hanging low

Squinty eyes or not

The feel of breeze below the feet

Will be enough

No care for a full head of hair

A roughened hand with a song slipping through my lips

And eyes still full of stars

Now thats the way to be

I’ll take the splinters

Not the bruising dress shoes scraping off my glitter

Besides my stars will blind before that ever happens




As Whole As Can Be (part 2)

as whole as can be 2

Who determined that?

All of you were just mere fragments

Who are you to point out the cracks?

What makes you deserving of the pedestal?

Giving a glare to the dusted

We’re fine down here

We see things more clearly than you do

And we aren’t as likely to fall

Closer to the ground

Is where we’d rather be