Starry Eyed


Wide eyes

Bushy hair

Tightening that first tie

With the same determination as every step from then on

Much tumbling after

Then came squinty eyes

Little hair

Belt tightening over a round belly

Filled with ups and downs

Feet still pounding

Yet heavier and heavier

I don’t want that

I can’t have that

I like the bellies hanging low

Squinty eyes or not

The feel of breeze below the feet

Will be enough

No care for a full head of hair

A roughened hand with a song slipping through my lips

And eyes still full of stars

Now thats the way to be

I’ll take the splinters

Not the bruising dress shoes scraping off my glitter

Besides my stars will blind before that ever happens





As Whole As Can Be (part 2)

as whole as can be 2

Who determined that?

All of you were just mere fragments

Who are you to point out the cracks?

What makes you deserving of the pedestal?

Giving a glare to the dusted

We’re fine down here

We see things more clearly than you do

And we aren’t as likely to fall

Closer to the ground

Is where we’d rather be

Collecting Light


Slipping into the corners where it is only black

Or just a speck within the swarm of flies

Collecting light

Placed in her jacket closest to her chest

Reaching for tiniest glimmer to add spark in those heels

After all that’s what she she relies on for an extra bounce

Not a chance any even heard of her collections or even tried for such treasures

But it’s the way she likes it

To her dismay, though, buzz surrounds only when her elbows bruise

And her head hits the ground during this conquest

And in those moments the sun rays strike and she melts

She is stripped, empty handed

The lonely jacket almost in shreds

There is every chance now to witness and it is always taken

In that chance the buzz can be heard from any direction

But shortly scuffs and finds another interest

The ring still bleeds in her ears well after they’re gone

The rays penetrating

She struggles to slip into her patchy jacket and runs for the corner again

But that light will always still be waiting for her to catch

This she holds on to and waits and waits and waits for


Top 4 Underrated Songs

I have been on a real search for good bands that are pushing the boundaries, creating new sounds, and that are just not being played all day long on the radio. It has been really difficult, so I’ve stuck to my favorite songs that I just never get tired of since they’re so original. Some of the songs are a few years back but still stand strong yet I can’t believe people still haven’t caught on. So I really want to share a few and hopefully you all can pass the word along and give them the credit they truly deserve…

  1. Sparks- Neon Hitch

Neon Hitch is edgy, a real beauty, and Romani! At the end of the video you get a glimpse of her interesting background. She once lived in India and seemed to stick to her aspirations of seeing the world. True inspirer, makes me want to stick my dreams. Somehow that really translates into her beats. She’s got a similar sound to Natasha Bedingfield, but much more amped and bold. If you’re into pop-electronic music you’ll absolutely love her


2. Overloaded- Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis

I can not get enough of this song. Whenever I feel pumped, full of energy, and ready to take on the day I have to play this. It pains me that numbers on this video is so low. The sound is so catchy, contagious, and inventive. The video even features Portlandia’s Fred Armisen who definitely captures the essence of this song. No doubt this an excellent pair and I’m sure much is in store for the future for these two, but let’s make that sooner than later. I would say this a hit for rock-pop listeners.

3. Fevers-Mr Little Jeans

Mr Little Jeans is no mister at all, just a gorgeous gal with a fierce voice and presence. Her voice glides along in such glistening softness, like buttah (food references are the best for me). She brings some great vibes that bring make you wanna shout out with real feminine power. The song is far from typical bubble gum pop, but more like a  kick in your step,  see my womanly muscles pop. She even writes her own songs, can’t get much better than that. Indie pop listeners this one’s for you…

4. Paraffin- Meadowlark

You may try, but you will not succeed if you resist the urge to sing along to this one. Ironically named after the bird, Meadowlark keeps a tranquil beat and flow much like a bird in this song.  The band brings positive vibes while really transpiring real emotion in the sounds especially with that sweet voice. It’s truly infectious and pretty much caters to any mood and perks me up. The originality is really what will blow you away. If you’re simply into Indie you gotta try this.