She had us all in her arms

Her big laugh rolling

With the sound of our success and triumphs

Her feet bore with our defeats

Her heart played Krish’s flute

While her legacy danced along

As her flame flickered out

The ground beneath our feet disappeared

But if you close your eyes

You can feel those pillowed arms bracing the bumps

You can hear her song

In your tears

Your laugh

And beneath your flying feet

She remains


Suit & Tie


Suit&Tie revisedCut from the same cloth

Lack luster

Stiff as cardboard

Walking the same walk

Talking the same talk

Making a synchronized dance

Just mere robots murmuring

All the color disappeared from their skin

Bank is rolling

So laughter is unnecessary

Your smile’s whereabouts unknown

In its place is a constant firm resting face

As all the feeling is no longer

But you got the keys swinging from those fingers

So who cares?

To think you spent all that time laughing at the colorful

We still got that color

And just one key

But the one that matters the most