Hello All!

Shley Koobs here. Thank you so much for stopping by and giving this little, average gal a chance. While I’ve fought very hard to be anything, but average I’ve come to a rare happiness with my averageness. So, my real name is Ashley (the beginning of the average flair). I despise my name, ironically and in the greatest fortune everyone close to me has an original name they call me. Hence the usage of ShleyKoobs on this blog (a combo of my top 2 fav nicknames). I always like to believe what is average can shine too with a touch of heart, intrigue, and happiness. So my goal is to collect what I find meaningful, mysterious, or fun and share it all with you so you too can find what makes it glimmer and in turn make you shine.

So if you are interested in my articles, might as well learn a little about me right? Here we go then… My defining quality is my passion. Once something interesting with great meaning and importance enters my life I latch on and my heart and mind are forever attached. I’m talking movies, shows, people…and food :). Everything. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I value all the challenges and fortunes in life as it all leads to where is necessary. I remind myself of this thought: that big world and it’s tall skyscrapers dusted in the fog may seem intimidating, but not too far away, there’s a serene, all encompassing garden just meant for you in life. I am far from perfect, yet always felt pressured to be at least close to that. But, I’m just finding out that there’s real beauty in imperfections. I’m not ridiculously special, but I see a little glimmer within me and learning to see that more and I want others to see that too within themselves. So thanks again and I really hope I can be some sort of inspiration or at least entertaining 🙂