Just a question

Have you ever experienced pain that was none of your doing, yet you felt it must be left between your ears only?

And you take the resulting wound as an ugly blemish needed to be disguised. You go on and scrub and scrub. It appears to be gone.

If it’s not there it never happened.

Ever do that so well, that you end up fooling yourself?

Until one day a loud crash halts your steps. Feet frozen as the layers begin to peel back

The scar peeks in sight

A twinge starts in your fingertips and then straight to the chest. It awakens you.

Let that day happen, feel that happen. It is only when you look straight at the wound can you really see anything else.

If you’ve got the right eye, you’ll smile. And take that bruise as a badge that broadens your sight.

Never again will you bury your pain once you’ve seen that day.





Sand beneath toes

Waves thrashing

Boats rushing

Lightning struck

Right above the tip of the toes

And yet she sits

Knees pushed against chest

Rain pours

With the slightest drip drop tempo

Following the rhythm of her sway

Puddle sinks toes deeper

Hair plastered against face

Drip drops pick up a beat

As her sway falls short behind

In the darkness behind eyes

The crashing of the waves drown ears

A new rhythm is found

Puddle nears knees

Pruning toes with in the sand

And her sway syncs with the splish splash waves

Red Stripes




That is a man covered in ashes

With peeks of red colored flesh

Climbing and gripping the jagged peak

He falls and tumbles

Lands flat on his back

The peak hidden once again

The ash covered man is seen with more red stripes

With a kick of his heel

His toe curls and pushes and pushes

In a sudden gust of wind the ashes then begin to wisp behind

His eyes meet the sun

Knees crushed into the rocks

He kneels

The once hovering clouds engulfing the jagged tips are no where to be seen he perceives

So he basks in the sun

Though a far way yet to go

The man stretches his legs and lays parallel to the ground

In that same moment a strong wind overcomes once again

The ashes twirl and spin beyond him

Revealing only some red strips with bright colored flesh