Red Stripes




That is a man covered in ashes

With peeks of red colored flesh

Climbing and gripping the jagged peak

He falls and tumbles

Lands flat on his back

The peak hidden once again

The ash covered man is seen with more red stripes

With a kick of his heel

His toe curls and pushes and pushes

In a sudden gust of wind the ashes then begin to wisp behind

His eyes meet the sun

Knees crushed into the rocks

He kneels

The once hovering clouds engulfing the jagged tips are no where to be seen he perceives

So he basks in the sun

Though a far way yet to go

The man stretches his legs and lays parallel to the ground

In that same moment a strong wind overcomes once again

The ashes twirl and spin beyond him

Revealing only some red strips with bright colored flesh




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