Disney Just Keeps Getting Better

This is an article from my previous blog


It’s no secret that Disney includes some outdated concepts, but the studio is making great strides. Emotionally, Disney is always on point. The especially heartwarming stories are in the little sweet treats that are developed in short films. Somehow in about ten minutes, they manage to capture our hearts, make us giggle, and cause sniffling while subtly wiping away tears before anyone sees.

Even though this remains true, thus far, culture and religion are topics that are barely touched on or just served in an undertone in Disney films. Which is why Pixar’s newest short is something to celebrate and applaud. Sanjay’s Super Team takes us along an intimate story between father and son. In first viewing the short, I was shocked right away just in seeing a little Indian boy–how many times can you say you’ve seen that in a major animation film? The fact that the story develops into a lesson of religious values and cultural respect is a cause for some real jaw dropping action. I had twinkling eyes and a face of wonder while watching the action unravel. I swear it was as if I was kid watching my favorite cartoon. In the end, I was a ball of emotions with watery eyes and giant smile.

In a time of political turmoil and racial conflict, this production and its acceptance and approval from so many, made my heart scream. How lovely to see a different culture and religion embraced in something like Disney that was such a grand and magical part of most of our childhoods. To see a real and relatable story of the struggles for American children with immigrant parents, surpasses our expectations and truly shows great progression. I, for one, never thought I’d see the day for something so magnificent. So sit back and enjoy the wonder through Sanjay’s eyes…

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